Adi Purdila
Adi Purdila is a web design instructor for Tuts+. With over 100 courses and 200 tutorials published to date, Adi's goal is to help students become better web designers and developers by creating content that’s easy to follow and offers great value. Being self-taught himself, Adi strongly believes that constant learning (academic or otherwise) is the only way to move forward and achieve your goals. When not typing away at his keyboard, he loves woodworking and caring for his ever-growing family of rescue pets. You can stay up to date with what he's doing by following him on social media or visiting his website at
  1. This Is Bootstrap 5

  2. Introduction to UIkit

  3. Introduction to Moodle

  4. Adobe XD for Beginners

  5. Introduction to Figma

  6. Sketch for Beginners

  7. Designing for WordPress

  8. Introduction to Mason

  9. Beyond the Basics: Figma

  10. This Is Bootstrap 4